How to keep your Basement from flooding...

Since sump pumps aren’t an everyday purchase, most people are unaware of the right features and benefits to look for in a sump pump system and who the best people are to install it. LJ Brown has been a Leader in Sump Pump Systems since 1946.

“We are committed to helping our customers choose the RIGHT sump pump systems to protect their homes. “This is not the area to choose the cheapest product you can find; by educating our customers, we help them make the correct choice, and avoid the misery of a flood.”

At LJ Brown Plumbing , we walk you through the process from start to finish. We explain the features and benefits of the various sump pump systems, provide an easy way to have your questions answered, and even allow you to order a new pump system online at a discounted price. When our technician comes to your home he will make sure you’ve chosen the right system, quickly and cleanly install it, and describe how to operate and maintain it. Then, we back you up with our excellent, no-hassle warranty.

Most people never want to experience water in your finished basement or soaked irreplaceable carpeting, wet walls and drywall. Furniture and other items are water damaged. “Don’t let this happen to you.”


The last thing a homeowner needs in their home is flood inside it – Water entering from Torrential Rain Storm or Winter Thaw Out is enough to destroy everything flood water come in contact with and create an unforgettable mess. 

Take a look at these recommendations to help you keep your Basement and Investment Dry. 






Invest in a an Emergency Back-up Sump Pump System.

The sump pump is the most important item in your basement Without it a sump pump , a flash flood, water around your foundation , snow and ice seasonal thawing can overflow your sump basin and do virtually unlimited amounts of water damage to your home.


Without an Emergency back-up sump pump system – even a small thunderstorm can quickly cause water damage and go un noticed for days.

We understand there’s a lot riding on your sump pump. It’s important to use a company you trust, a company that installs the most reliable products and a company that ensures the best protection for your home.

Purchase a Sump Pump Warning System – Water Monitor.

  • Sends notification emails or text notifications and status alerts to your phone, tablet or computer
  • No Monthly Fee’s
  • Connect using home Wi-Fi
  • Some alerts have mobile applications that give real time  backup pump status and receive updates
  • Piece of Mind 24/7/365

Call your Insurance Agent – Read your Insurance Policy.

Make sure you are covered from the Financial Loss of a Flood Before it Happens – Find out what is covered and what is not covered.


Many Insurance Companies will exclude coverage for a Faulty Sump Pump – Or will not cover a Flooded Basement without additional coverages.


Make sure you are covered and have the proper documents handy in case you need to file claim immediatly.

Hire a Licensed & Trained Plumber to inspect your Property – Foundation – and Flood Control Systems.

An Experienced Plumber can recommend and provide relevant answers to flooding issues before they become an expensive problem.

Unseen underground drain tiles can get destroyed over the years and become worthless.


Changes in the soil – low spots. 


Foundation Flood Controls can Breakdown overtime and cause damage that is unseen for years. Cracks in Foundation Walls and Basement Floors are warning signs of Problems.


Troubleshoot and test you current Sump Pump System – Inspect Discharge Pipes – Batteries – Pump Strength and Age.


An LJ Brown Plumber can Recommended the Best Plan of Attack to Keep your Basement and Home Safe during Rainy and Snow Thaw Out Seasons.